Training on ICM management and IRO development

Enhancement of university capacities for international and regional collaborations envisages the organization of Study Visits of IRO representatives and representatives of Project Offices from PCs HEIs to the EU partner universities (P4-MRU/LT; P3-VUM/BG; P1-UNIZAR/ES). The trainings’ content mainly focus on:


  • IRO development and management;
  •  International Credit Mobility management; 
  • EU project management from the university level (identification of appropriate international funds; dissemination of international collaboration opportunities; provision of advice and support in the application process; administrative and financial management of international projects; reporting to international bodies)
  •  Academic staff on Intercultural and diversity issues
  •  Students on intercultural dialogue and diversity, etc.

 As a result, IRO has organized a training on ICM management and IRO development and training on EU project management for administrative staff in order to make an analysis of potential obstacles and general conditions for the International Relations Offices management advanced management. They have been discussed issues that tackle, in particular the challenges regarding ICM and European Projects management, measures to be taken to reduce the brain-drain and increase the employability of young researchers.