The HARMONY project aims to support the modernisation, accessibility, and internationalisation of the higher education institutions in India, Bangladesh and Vietnam and to contribute to the cooperation between the European universities and Asian universities. The HARMONY project’s overall objective and the main underpinning of Partner countries’ is to have an impact and trigger reform processes at Higher Education Institutions, enabling them to strategically manage internationalisation in the provision of education, research, mobility, and services.


To achieve this, the European HEIs from Spain, Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Lithuania and the 7 Asian PC HEIs will engage in a series of activities that contribute to the following project specific objectives:

international curriculum

Intercultural curriculum

To outline PC HEIs’ internationalisation landscapes and to identify levels of integration of international and intercultural dimensions into PC HEIs’ formal and informal curriculum.

international capabilities

International capabilities

To improve PC HEIs’ capabilities for internationalisation through staff trainings and by translating general awareness of the IaH concept into streamlined institutional strategies and Action Plans.

cultural diversity


To build students’ intercultural knowledge and sensitivity to cultural diversity by transforming PC HEIs’ International Relations Offices (IROs) into vibrant multicultural focal points.

Project Partners

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